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OpenGL for Power MachTen 4.1

OpenGL by 3D Etc. is the premier 3D graphics library that allows software developers the ability to develop high-quality, interactive graphics applications. OpenGL is an operating system independent, industry-standard interface for three-dimensional color graphics programming. It is typically used in engineering, visualization, simulation, and other graphics-intensive applications. It is the how of 3D publishing.

OpenGL provides a wide range of graphics functions: from rendering a simple geometric point, line, or filled polygon, to texture mapping NURBS curved surfaces.

The OpenGL functions described are provided on every OpenGL implementation to make applications written with OpenGL easily portable between platforms. All licensed OpenGL implementations are required to pass the Conformance Tests, and come from a single specification and language binding documen t.

OpenGL can perform a wide range of functions that will enhance the development of all graphics software. These functions are provided on every OpenGL implementation to make applications written with OpenGL easily portable between platforms:

Geometric primitives
(points, lines and polygons)
RGBA and other index mode Texture Mapping
Viewing and modeling transformations Lighting
Z Bufferings Atmospheric Effects
(fog, smoke and haze)
Pixel Operations
(storing, transforming, mapping, zooming)
Stencil Planes
Display list or immediate mode Accumulation Buffer
Alpha Blending (transparancy) Polynomial Evaluators
Raster primitives
(bitmaps and pixel rectangles)
Feedback, Selection, and Picking

OpenGL SDK for Power MachTen 4.1

Allows you to create, modify, compile and run X-Windows based OpenGL applications that are running in the UNIX environment from your Macintosh. Support for the GLX OpenGL network protocol allows the sending and receiving of remote displays through the X stream. A cost effective solution for creating and running X-Windows based OpenGL applications.

  • 100% OpenGL compliant
  • Online documentation and examples to make it easy to use
  • Full technical support
  • Affordable distribution
If you have MachTen 4.1, download the OpenGL installer. Contact Tenon at sales@tenon.com or at (800) 662-2410 for a license.

OpenGL Libraries GLU GLUT TK AUX
Source Code
Thousands of lines of example code Source for GOUT, TK and AUX
Online Documentation
OpenGL Reference Manual
(The official reference guide to OpenGL)
AGL Reference Manual
OpenGL Buffer Options
Color Buffer
Z-buffer Stencil Buffer Accumulation Buffer Auxiliary Buffers
8 bit RGB 16 bit RGB, 8 bit alpha 16 bit Z 8 bit stencil 32 bit accumulation Same depth as color buffers
8 bit RGB, 8 bit alpha 32 bit RGB 32 bit Z   64 bit accumulation  
16 bit RGB 32 bit RGB, 8 bit alpha        
On a Power Macintosh 8500/180, 24 bit color, you can get 85,000 smooth shaded, z-buffered, fog polygons/sec, and 120,000 z-buffered polygons/sec

OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

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