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What Our Post.Office 4.0 Customers are Saying:

"Post.Office has been the most robust and reliable email server I have ever used!"

Postmaster, Iowa, April 2005

"I tested 4D_Mail, CommunigatePro, EIMS, and Tenon's Post.Office. Post.Office, IMO: is the easiest to set up; is the easiest to admin from anywhere/any OS; is the most stable; has the best SPAM/Virus protection tools; is the most flexible. Also, in IMO Post.Office provided the best "bang for the buck" and excellent support."

Web designer, Minneapolis, September 2004

"I decided to switch and voilŠ: it worked perfectly."

Entrepreneur, Austria, July 2004
On moving from Post.Office on NT to Post.Office on Mac OS X

"Now with the SPAM filtering capabilities of the SpamAssassin plug-in and the virus checking abiities of the ClamAV plug-in, Post.Office is catching almost all of the junk that previously had to be filtered on the client side.....I've set up filters in this order: blackhole lists, SpamAssassin, ClamAV. I only want SpamAssassin to dal with what isn't kicked out by the blackhole lists, and ClamAV is the last line of defense against unwanted mail. "

Postmaster, California, June 2004

"We've been using Post.Office for over a year now and it's been very good for us....SpamAssassin is the best thing to be added.."

Postmaster, New York, June 2004

"Post.Office is doing a great job nuking SPAM."

Postmaster, California, June, 2004

"The ClamAV module works great. It currently detects more viruses than Virex and Norton Anti-Virus, probably because it handles more compression schemes. Today, it already caught 1800 viruses in 15 hours on our server."

Postmaster, Belgium, June 2004

"Between a few dynamic host filters and the default Spam Assassin installation, my SPAM filters are working great!"

Postmaster, California, March 2004

"Post.Office offers the best set of tools available for filtering SPAM."

Postmaster, Alabama, March 2004

"Post.Office is great, very great. Everytime I use it (everyday) it seems better. The time of reaction of Tenon's staff is great."

Postmaster, France, January 2004

"SpamAssassin works great! We're very appreciative of this innovation in Post.Office."

President, The Miller Group, September 2003

"SpamAssassin in Post.Office will cook your Spam to a crispy black powder."

Post.Office Wiki maintainer, September 2003

"SpamAssasin,WoW! I stopped about 7 messages in the first 7 minutes! All I can say is, wow, that was easy to install. I am so looking forward to seeing SPAM decrease."

Law Firm Partner and Postmaster, New York, September 2003

"We recently switched to Post.Office -- a huge improvement. [In addition] the support staff are truly amazing and consistenly go above and beyond the call of duty."

IT Manager, Minneapolis, April 2003

"Seriously if Apple Mail Server is this bad (and yes it is), get Post.Office. It's pretty easy to configure, and I've been running it for (mostly) IMAP for months now with no trouble."

On Mac OS X Server list, 20 March 2003

"I have absolutely zero problems with Post.Office. It just runs and does its job. Very stable and excellent performance. ... We are processing 2000 messages per day and SPAM filtering ~100 or so messages a day. Listserv has a few lists with ~1000 members on each and again, real fast and zero problems."

Network Manger, Government Lab, New Mexico, February 2003

"Post.Office is really wonderful software. We have it on a dual-G4 Mac Server and mail works fine in our mixed solaris - linux - windows 2000 - Mac network."

Professor, Universitšt Potsdam. October, 2002

"I can tell you that we have successfully blocked better than 1200 SPAM attempts and emails in the past 24 hours - that's alot for our small company. Our SPAM is down significantly. It's the best we've found. "

Engineer, Minnesota. October, 2002.

"Post.Office saved our mail server. Our SUN Solaris server was hacked. We managed to move everthing to Mac OS X in only two hours. Thanks for this wonderful software!"

Professor, Universitait Potsdam. October, 2002.

"With the regular expression filter capability, a little attention and a simple shell script, we have been able to knock down huge chunks of spam."

Engineer. Minneapolis, September 2002.

"Thanks for the awesome email solution. You guys have a great product."

Mac Systems and Graphics Specialist, Georgia. September, 2002

"Post.Office enables my server to pass the ORDB test, something that First Class could never do."

Technical Manager, New York. September, 2002.

"Post.Office has worked great for our office and I would recommend it to anyone."

Engineer, Calgary. August, 2002.

"Post.Office is excellent and support has also been very responsive. I tried CommunigatePro prior to Post.Office. Post.Office's straight forward setup, help/documentation, admin, Anti-Spam, filter options are much better. I was up and running with Post.Office in minutes. CommunigatePro's setup was a mess, it did not offer body filters and cost $1,000 vs.$295 -- no comparison."

Chief Operating Officer - Georgia, August 2002.

"The onslaught of SPAM has been a real problem. We were forced to migrate from WebSTAR's mail server to get control of the excessive text and graphic SPAM that was proliferating through our five domains. "We reviewed and tested several packages (CommuniGate Pro, EIMS w/STF, Tenon's Post.Office, and our OS X mail server). Tenon's Post.Office was by far the most flexible package. It gave us total control to customize SPAM filters (source, destination, headers, body, discard, cc, bcc, rbl, and redirects) to fit our needs." "Post.Office's UNIX core makes it robust and scalable, however Tenon's documentation and online help makes it easy to set-up, customize and administer from anywhere via a browser. We are extremely pleased with Post.Office's performance, features, capablitites, and ease of use. Tenon's support has been excellent. "

Postmaster, Alabama. August, 2002.

"The new spam trapping capabilities of Post.Office combined with the slick little filter Tenon created for us seems to work magnificently. Thanks! Great Support."

President, Web Consulting Firm. Illinois,July 2002.

"I've really enjoyed how easy Post.Office is to use and configure; when moving to OS X I had considered Communigate Pro, but dreaded the setup with it. Post.Office has been great for that."

Postmaster. Minneapolis, July 2002.

"I'm definitely a happy Post.Office camper! And a happy Tenon customer for the last 5 years. Thanks Tenon."

System, Network, and Web Administrator. New York, July 2002.

"We switched from EIMS and LetterRip to Post.Office. We were VERY happy die hard EIMS and LetterRip pro users. Post.Office has made E-mail/list management MUCH easier, especially with the web interface."

On the Post.Office List. July, 2002.

"When I first set up Post.Office, it definitely took me more time to be comfortable with it vs. WebSTAR mail... A lot of that came from having so many options, which is good to have, and many of those options not really being in the locations I expected them to be. After the first month of having Post.Office, though, I felt very comfortable with what I had and how it was running."

WebSTAR V Customer on Post.Office List - June, 2002.

"Post.Office on OS X comes closest to matching the simplicty of WebSTAR Mail Admin...it is a superset of WebSTAR Mail 4.4.1"

4D WebSTAR Talk List. May 10,2002.

"I decided to go with Post.Office...and I've been happy with the choice. It...work[s] great for the 20 or so different virtual hosts I have, and has given me a lot more control than I had with WebSTAR."

4D WebSTAR Talk List. May 10, 2002.

"Post.Office runs circles around Web* mail."

4D WebSTAR Talk list. May 7, 2002.

"The June edition of Mac Up (largest mag in German language) introduced Tenon's mail server (you did a great job guys!)...and got 5 of 6 possible points!"

Postmaster. Switzerland. May, 2002.

"The SMTP server in Post.Office runs circles around WebSTAR mail."

4D WebSTAR Talk List. May, 2002.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have waited a long time for a replacement for Apple's Mail server that comes with Mac OS X. It only took me 10 minutes to wipe away months of frustration. The price is right too. I used to run Netcape Mail Server on Win 2000, that software was sold to another company, it now costs over $2000.00. I get the same functionality with Post.Office for less!!"

IT Manager - New York, March 2002.

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