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What Our Xtools 1.2 Customers are Saying:

"Your Xtools is easier to configure than Apple's. I have some problems with Apple's version. Apple has a real problem supporing cut & paste and can't hide windows. "

Systems Analyst, Nebraska, March 2003

"A free X11 from the open source community (and now Apple) was inevitable, but yours helped me get a lot of work in a pure Aqua environment long before the others were ready for prime time."

Unix System Administrator, Pennsylvania, February 2003

"I've always liked Xtools. Far closer to what I wanted in X11 (similar to the products I used with NEXTSTEP)."

Professor, Toronto, February 2003

"I just bought Xtools and am favorably impressed. It behaves just as seemlessly as one would hope!"

Publisher, San Francisco. April 2001.

"I've got to say, Xtools is superb. Even (when it was) in its beta state, it (was) far and away better than eXodus ever -has- been... It's a rare pleasure for...software to operate so very seamlessly."

Engineer, Sun Microsystems. December 2000.

"Xtools is amazing..."

Professor, Inst. of Space and Astronautical Sci. Japan. May 2001.

"Xtools is *extremely* cool software. I've been telling all my UNIX friends about it!"

Steven Holland. Dept of Geology. Univ. of Georgia. April 2001.

"You really did a great job with [Xtools 1.0.4] which is now much more user friendly than the XDarwin and available at a very reasonable price."

Professor, University of Montreal. September 2001.

"Xtools allows you to run X Windows without the trouble of compiling and playing with lots of junk that most users won't understand. It also gives the point-and-click simplicity that most users love."

Matthew Stoton, Mac Community Bulletin Board. June 2001.

"I downloaded the trial version of your product Xtools to run on my OS X machine. It's really awesome -- I got the GIMP working and everything. I'd like to say thank you for developing it. It's sweet."

15 year old from Indiana. August 2001.

"You folks have a really well-built product in Xtools and i am recommending it to my colleagues with no reservations..."

Professor, RIT. October 2001.

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