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About ht://Dig

WebTen supports the popular ht://Dig search engine created at San Diego State University. Please visit the htDig home page. ht://Dig is being used on this site and Xplain Corporation's Search Server. Xplain is the publisher of MacTech magazine.


  • Intranet searching
    ht://Dig has the ability to search through many servers on a network by acting as a WWW browser.
  • Configurable search results
    The output of a search can easily be tailored to your needs by means of providing HTML templates.
  • Boolean expression searching
    Searches can be arbitrarily complex using boolean expressions.
  • Fuzzy searching
    Searches can be performed using various configurable algorithms, such as common word endings and synonyms.
  • Keywords can be added to HTML documents
    Any number of keywords can be added to HTML documents which will not show up when the document is viewed. This is used to make a document more likely to be found and also to make it appear higher in the list of matches.
  • The depth of the search can be limited
    Instead of limiting the search to a set of machines, it can also be restricted to documents that are a certain number of "mouse-clicks" away from the start document.
  • Searches on subsections of the database
    It is easy to set up a search which only returns documents whose URL matches a certain pattern. This becomes very useful for people who want to make their own data searchable without having to use a separate search engine or database.
  • Scheduled execution
    Under WebTen you can run ht://Dig from cron. We've even included a sample crontab file.
  • A Protected server can be indexed
    ht://Dig can be told to use a specific username and password when it retrieves documents. This can be used to index a server or parts of a server that are protected by a username and password.
  • Email notification of expired documents
    Special meta information can be added to HTML documents which can be used to notify the maintainer of those documents at a certain time. It is handy to get reminded when to remove the "New" images from a certain page, for example.
  • Full support for the ISO-Latin-1 character set
    Both SGML entities like 'à' and ISO-Latin-1 characters can be indexed and searched.

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