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Mailing List Administration
Mail Status
System Configuration
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Establish SMTP Channel Aliases
Identify E-mail addresses for which immediate external rerouting is desired.
Set Mail Routing Options
Establish authority for specific mail domains and control mail routing.
Restrict Mail Relaying
Limit who is able to use your mail server to relay their mail.
Set Mail Blocking Options
Prevent connections from specific hosts or refuse mail from undesirables.
Pop Before SMTP
Configure Pop Before SMTP. To enable legitimate users to use the mail server from remote locations.
Configure an SMTP Filter
Configure limits on delivery of messages by source, destination, subject or message body content.
Establish System Performance Parameters
Set options for fine tuning of system performance.
Define End User's Account Editing Options
Determine those account attributes that a local user can view and/or modify.
Set Logging Options
Define logging activities.
Establish Error Response Parameters
Set preferences for treatment of specific error conditions via Web & E-mail.
Establish System Security
Control access to the system.
Set Special Delivery Configuration for UNIX
Define the interface to UNIX mail and identify a secure user and group for Program Delivery.
Edit System Level Messages
Set defaults for automatic replies and host finger information.
View Licensing/Configuration Information
View licensing information and the installation options selected.

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